For the past few years I have posted my attempts of being a “Top Chef” on Facebook, making the mouths of my family and friends water. They always ask to post recipes but I tend to let the pictures do the talking. Many have suggested starting a food blog, but I have been hesitant because there are so many amazing food blogs out there created by many talented chefs. I am not a trained chef, every thing I learned about cooking was from my parents or self-taught. But I finally broke down and decided to create a blog.

I cook to please others (and yes myself too). But truly my inspiration comes from imagining a meal with family and friends gathered at the table to share memories and laughter and of course several bottles of wine.

I tend to make things up as a go–I might start with a base recipe, but add my own “Fieldsy Flavor” to the meal (which often means a lot of garlic and spice). I grew up in Texas and was born in Venezuela so I attempt to mix a Southern and Latino style of cooking but dabble in other cuisines as well.

This blog will not only filled with my concoctions, but I will ask my family and friends to post as guests. Hopefully, we all can create a blog filled with wonderful “fields of food” for you to enjoy.