Comfort food has been on my mind lately because I have been fighting a sinus infection and I have also been dealing with a pending job loss. This current job search has taken normal than usual, showing me how competitive the job market is due to the economy. Fortunately, I still have my current job but come next week that will no longer be the case. So with pending job loss, stress, and generally glum demeanor, food has been very comforting.

I have had this concept of a “Mexican” grilled cheese for quite some time. Since I live in a neighborhood with a large Latin-American population, (mostly El Salvadorian, but I also live near the Mexican and Ecuadorian embassies) I have easy access to tons of Hispanic influenced ingredients. I knew I wanted to use chorizo and jalapeños but I was struggling with what bread to use. I thought about making pan telera, typically used in Latin-American sandwiches but I wanted to incorporate jalapeños into the bread. I came across a recipe for jalapeño cheese bread from one of my favorite food blogs, Homesick Texan. Lisa Fain, the blog writer happens to be an alum from my alma mater, Austin College.

This was my first endeavor into making my own bread and I was very scared and excited.

Once the bread was picked and made, the rest of the sandwich came together easily.

Two jalapeño cheese bread slices
1/2 avocado, sliced
1-2 slices cotija cheese
1 1/2 chorizo links
fajita seasoning
1/2 red pepper, sliced lengthwise
1/2 small onion, sliced lengthwise

Spray skillet with pam. Cook chorizo links until cooked all the way through.

Halfway through cooking the chorizo, add onions and red pepper. Dust with fajita seasoning. Slice chorizo in halves, cook inside portion if desired.

Warm bread in microwave to allow cheese to melt faster. Place once slice of cheese on each bread half. Place veggies on one half and chorizo on other half.

Allow cheese to melt slightly and the place chorizo half on top of veggies half. Allow cheese to continue to warm and melt without allowing bread to burn.

Serve with a nice tall glass of milk.

Food for thought:
-I followed the Homesick Texan recipe except I used one full cup of cheese and an additional jalapeño. I also dusted the top of the bread with kosher salt before putting in the oven.
-I used pam instead of olive oil to cook chorizo and veggies to reduce the amount of oil. I didn’t want an oily sandwich.
-I recommend warming the bread since cojita is a hard cheese, it will not melt easily like other cheeses.
-This is an incredibly hearty sandwich so you probably won’t need to eat anything else with the sandwich.